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As a practical tool, arising from empirical research into what makes work meaningful for people, the Map of Meaning can be used at all levels of the organisation.

The Map of Meaning:

  • provides a framework to create shared understanding in the workplace amongst diverse people, cultures, and generations.
  • provides everyday language for experiences that are often hard to name.
  • leads to practical outcomes.
  • acts as a compass, a guide or a GPS system for more agile and emergent leadership of self and others in complex environments.
  • enables dialogue about deeply held and personal topics in a safe and professional way.
  • enables people to access different ways of knowing (cognitive, intuitive, emotional, embodied) for more effective decision making.
  • naturally encourages people to extend their sense of responsibility beyond their own immediate needs and concerns, and more consciously include the needs of others and the wider human and environmental systems we inhabit.

The Map of Meaning is a tried and tested framework used by our certified practitioners to help teams and organisations across the public, private and not for profit sectors take a meaning-centered approach to solving challenges such as:

  • Strategy Review & Planning through the Map of Meaning Lens
  • Stakeholder engagement through meaningful dialogue
  • Meaningful Brand & Communications Planning
  • Employee Engagement Processes - Unleashing the power of intrinsic motivation
  • Team Building and Strengthening Culture through shared Meaning
  • Embedding purpose & values through shared meaning
  • Leadership or Team Development - Connecting to Meaning to lead self, others and system.
  • Conflict Resolution through Dialogue and Shared Understanding

Our Certified Practitioners come from a range of industries and specialisms. We can create the right team for you. We work with your own internal consultants or existing suppliers to integrate our approach. Please contact Celine McKeown for an initial conversation.


Workshops & Seminars

We tailor workshops & seminars around your audience's area of interest. We can work with you face to face or online, and workshops can range from 2 hours, to a half-day, or a full day. Previous examples include:

  • Leading between Inspiration and Reality
  • Why we need to Speak about Meaning in the Workplace
  • Meaning for Artists and Creatives
  • Meaningful entrepreneurship
  • Meaningful Ageing
  • Meaningful Education
  • Purpose & Meaning- What's the difference?
  • Sustaining meaning in social sector careers
  • Implementing Sustainability in a Meaningful Way

Please contact us if you are interested in any specific workshop, or would like to work with us to design a workshop for you.

Building In-House Capability

Meaning-based organisations have the internal capacity to work with Meaning across core organisational processes. We design in-house training processes and train-the-trainer solutions to build your people's internal capacity to work with the Map of Meaning and integrate with your existing tools, systems and processes. You might be training your leaders and people managers, your HR & OD professionals, your wellness consultants or counsellors, or developing in-house 'Meaning Champions' to work with the Map of Meaning in areas such as:

  • Personal Development & Performance Reviews
  • Recruitment Processes
  • Social Leadership & Storytelling
  • Well-being & wellness Programs
  • Career & Talent Development
  • In-house Coaching
  • Meaningful Work and Embedding Sustainability

If you are interested in finding out more about how you build capability internally for meaning-based processes, please contact Celine.

Leadership Development and Coaching

The Map of Meaning is a core framework for supporting the necessary inner development of  skills, qualities and ways of being needed to to live meaningful and sustainable lives. By learning to use the Map of Meaning, we increase our ability to lead ourselves and others, as well as influence the systems in which we operate and live.

Our meaning-based leadership development and executive coaching provides a safe framework for people to quickly connect to core needs and emotions and through increased understanding and  move towards practical action. The holistic nature of the Map of Meaning enables people to take a more systemic view of problems and challenges, and ensures more integrated and sustainable outcomes. Click here to find a coach or if you want to discuss in-house leadership development or training please get in touch with Celine McKeown.

Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris

Public Speaking & Thought-Leadership

We tailor our speaking engagements to your needs and audience. We also participate in panel discussions. Professor Marjolein Lips-Wiersma is regularly invited to speak at conferences to share her research around Meaningful Work as a leading academic in this field. Lani Morris, co-founder of Map of Meaning International provides inspirational talks about the Map of Meaning and its application in a wide range of contexts. For more information please contact us.

Strategic Partnerships

To be human is to search for Meaning. As such, the applications of the Map of Meaning are endless. Our mission is to make the Map of Meaning available as widely as possible, so that people from across the world and from all walks of life can access more meaning. To achieve this we develop strategic partnerships with institutions and organisations who specialise in different fields.

If you are interested in co-creating or collaborating on a project

Contact us.