Introduction to The Map of Meaning

The question what's the meaning of life is too big to answer, but we can answer the question, "What's the meaning of my life today." Viktor Frankl

If you are a professional seeking to make a real and lasting difference through your work, beyond fads and jargon, this rigorously researched tool could be what you are looking for.

The Map of Meaning gives you a simple framework that helps you to:

  • deeply connect with virtually every person;
  • help them find their own wisdom and answers;
  • make sense of wicked problems and seemingly intractable issues;
  • generate ‘hard’ outcomes in the ‘soft’ fields of organisational life;
  • restore dignity to all those we work with, as well as for ourselves.

The Map of Meaning gets to the heart of what truly matters to human beings. Once people know this for themselves, they can more easily work together to build constructive workplaces, as well as care better for themselves.

Join an international learning community

People from all over the world are drawn to work with the Map of Meaning. You will be learning from the creators and developers of the Map of Meaning and with Certified Practitioners who contribute their unique knowledge and skills. We all learn from each other, so it will be a delight to have your input and insights to enrich our program. This is the first step to joining a world-wide, expanding community of practice.

“You can learn it in five minutes, capture it on a postage stamp and use it for the rest of your life."

Take your first steps towards becoming a Certified Practitioner
with the Map of Meaning.

Based on over twenty years of empirical research, the Map of Meaning draws into a simple Map the intrinsic drivers that lie at the heart of meaningful work and a meaningful life. It is new knowledge for humanity, essential to anyone wanting to make lasting change for themselves and others.

In this course, you will learn about the Map of Meaning by using it for, and with yourself. This provides the foundational information, experience and practices for people who want to develop their skills in using the Map of Meaning, and is the prerequisite course to attend the Practitioner Training which leads to certification. You will be required to buy a copy of The Map of Meaningful Work (2017), 2nd edition, which forms a major part of the course and is required reading.

Following this introductory training, you are invited to apply for the six-months online Practitioner Training if you want to become a Certified Practitioner in the Map of Meaning. 

Course Outline

The course consists of four sections and is offered online or in-person. We also offer two formats: an extended version of 4 x 2 hours and a Fast Track version of 2 x 4 hours.

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Section One:

Build the base of your knowledge and understanding of the Map of Meaning by:

  • Learning how the Map of Meaning is built from the human experience of meaningfulness.
  • Discovering the dimensions that human beings agree make life and work meaningful.
  • Learn how these dimensions allow us to understand the nature of our experience of meaning, why it comes and goes and how to increase the meaning in life and work.

Section Two:

  • Learn how to use collage as a creative modality to help you personalise the common dimensions of meaning.
  • Understand where people share meaning with others, and how they experience it in their own unique way.

Section Three:

  • Use somatic exercises to uncover the body’s deep knowing of what truly guides us in life.
  • Learn how the Map can be used to explore the past and to create paths to the future.
  • Explore how people can increase personal cohesion, authenticity, and resilience with the Map.

Section Four:

  • Learn about the research that underpins the Map of Meaning.
  • Distinguish between happiness, purpose and meaning.
  • Discover what comes next for you with the Map.

“I learnt about the Map of Meaning eight years ago. Since working with it in the workshop, it’s in my body and it’s never left. It connects up our intrinsic knowing, our inner searching, and our inner desire for balance. So many people are lost and don’t believe they have what they need inside them. If you ever wonder what’s the point of my life? What on earth am I going to do? The Map of Meaning guides you to what to look for and what to look at, so you can create your own answers. It’s a compass for a journey you are going to make.” Penny Kennedy, course participant

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