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The Map of Meaning gives us access to what is shared by human beings, the power and significance of the experience of meaning in our lives. In this way the Map is relevant to all periods of human life. Over the years we have focused on specific aspects of life and have built a solid base of practice in how the Map of Meaning can be useful. In these areas we offer opportunities to continue to develop research in each field, and offer workshops for people who want to learn how to use the Map with specific groups.


Current Research Initiatives

Meaningful Ageing

“As I got older I have been shocked at how ‘ageing’ is a largely neglected area in our social conversation. Some people will live thirty or more years, a third of their life, in a land where they become ‘oldies’, ‘grandparents’, ‘a drain on society’, ‘ a burden to their families’, wondering how to make the most of this time, while facing loss, dying and death. I can’t say I find this an inviting prospect. If this was an ad to another country I would not want to go. And I have no choice. The birthdays pass and I am there whether I like it or not.

So, working with Meaningful Ageing Australia we created two workbooks to help us deliberately engage with and increase meaningfulness in the last third of our life.”

Contact Meaningful Ageing Australia if you are interested in purchasing the workbooks.  Contact Lani Morris for more information on workshops and research into meaningful ageing.


Meaningful Ageing Australia Booklets

Meaningful Retirement

Lani Morris is leading our work into how we make the transition from work to life without formal work.

Want to explore your own approaching retirement?  Contact Lani.

Meaning and Leadership

Leadership requires people who understand meaning: their own and that of those who work with them. We offer workshops on Leading from Meaning.

Contact Celine McKeown if you are interested in this topic or want to participate in research initiatives on leadership and the Map of Meaning.

Additional Research Projects

  • Meaning & Sustainability
  • Meaning & Well-being 
  • Purpose, Values & Meaning 

        Contact Celine McKeown

  • Meaningful Evaluation 

        Contact Gianni Zappalà

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