Our work is grounded in the knowledge that meaning and hope can be found even in the most challenging times. As we witness increasing uncertainty, economic inequality, political instability and existential threat, we support humanity to find meaning and hope in face of an ever growing crisis of meaning.

Over many years we have built a solid base of practice in how the Map of Meaning can be transformational for people at work and in life. We offer opportunities to continue research in many fields, and provide workshops for people who want to learn how to use the Map in a wide range of contexts.

Current Research Initiatives


Meaningful Ageing

“As I got older I have been shocked at how ‘ageing’ is a largely neglected area in our social conversation. Some people will live thirty or more years, a third of their life, in a land where they become ‘oldies’, ‘grandparents’, ‘a drain on society’, ‘ a burden to their families’, wondering how to make the most of this time, while facing loss, dying and death. I can’t say I find this an inviting prospect. If this was an ad to another country I would not want to go. And I have no choice. The birthdays pass and I am there whether I like it or not.

So, working with Meaningful Ageing Australia we created two workbooks to help us deliberately engage with and increase meaningfulness in the last third of our life.”

Contact Meaningful Ageing Australia if you are interested in purchasing the workbooks.  Contact Lani Morris for more information on workshops and research into meaningful ageing.

Meaningful Ageing Australia Booklets

Meaningful Retirement

Lani Morris is leading our work into how we make the transition from work to life without formal work.

Want to explore your own approaching retirement?  Contact Lani.

Meaningful Organisations

At the heart of our research is the question: what makes work meaningful?

The Map of Meaning shows the dimensions that together make for work that feels worth doing.  Each day people go to work hoping to make the most of their talents, time and energy, and yet our research, and your experience, shows the by 9am most of us wonder why we bothered to turn up.

Celine McKeown, Steve Tarpey, Malcolm Byford, Lilian Kolker, Claudia Butler, Lani Morris and many other Certified Practitioners are part of our team building ways to consciously bring meaningfulness into our work: as individuals, teams, and in our organisational practices, such as strategic planning, performance review, the employee life-cycle amongst others.

Leaders, managers, team leaders, and individuals can all learn to work in practical ways to make workplaces environments where meaningfulness is supported, not destroyed.

Contact Celine McKeown

Meaning and Leadership

Leadership requires people who understand meaning: their own and that of those who work with them. We offer workshops on Leading from Meaning.

Contact Celine McKeown if you are interested in this topic or want to participate in research initiatives on leadership and the Map of Meaning.


Starting a business is a profound challenge, and so is keeping it going and looking after yourself while you do it.  The Map of Meaning helps entrepreneurs hold onto a solid ground of personal understanding while aiming for the stars.

We have worked with Happy Startups, and are expanding our work into Africa to support young, and older, entrepreneurs create successful businesses and meaningful lives.

Contact Lani Morris

Education and the Map of Meaning

From having the Map of Meaning on the wall of a classroom of nine year olds, to using the Map to help students about to leave school, to connecting students from many cultures to the meaning of their study at university, to working with actors the day before they leave drama school to fling themselves into the uncertain future, our Certified Practitioners have explored ways to use the Map to support students build the framework of what truly matters to them into their approach to learning and to life.

Contact Lani Morris

Additional Research Projects

  • Meaning & Sustainability
  • Meaning & Well-being 
  • Purpose, Values & Meaning 

        Contact Celine McKeown

  • Meaningful Evaluation 

        Contact Gianni Zappalà

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