The Practitioner Training for the Map of Meaning

A Journey into Depth

Join this Practitioner Training and develop your abilities to use the Map of Meaning

This training is for you if you want to...

  • work with a rigorously researched, practical and inspiring framework which is simple and profound, works in multiple contexts and can be integrated into your work and scope of practice.
  • make a lasting difference with individuals, teams, organisations, communities and social systems.
  • be a part of building the next generation of meaning-based organisations and workplaces.
  • help explore how meaning can be a source of inspiration and action for our global society in response to the challenges we face.


"I know from my experience of working with the Map that of all the tools, interventions and frameworks I’ve used, this is one that consistently adds value to whatever I’m doing. It always works. It always has an impact and engages everybody. It has rigour, there is a strength to the framework, and sufficient space within that for people to construct their own meaning." Steve Tarpey, Human Dimensions, UK

The course is designed to enable you to:

  • Build your learning around your existing commitments
  • Apply your learning between sessions
  • Learn from other participants in small learning pods
  • Learn directly from the creators and developers of the Map of Meaning
  • Develop your own ways of working with the Map of Meaning, linking it to your existing knowledge and skills.
  • Be supported in your learning and application of the Map of Meaning by the global community of Certified Practitioners

The Practitioner Training supports:

  • Self-directed learning, practicing applications in your personal and professional context
  • Sharing your learning journey with others
  • Building a portfolio for certification, capturing examples of using the Map for yourself, with others, and in your work.

“Whilst engagement with the Map is an intensely personal experience, the process of doing this is through dialogue which creates support, connection, understanding and a sense of shared humanity.”

The Map of Meaning has Multiple Applications:

It can be used as a lens to inform existing practices and develop new ones.

Here are some examples of what this training you will allow you to explore:

How to put meaning at the heart of:   

  • Strategic planning 
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making 
  • Goal setting
  • Career shifts and job searching 
  • Team building
  • Organisational re-design

“The Map of Meaning is relevant to most aspects of human activity and experience and I have loved bringing the Map to very diverse areas of work from arts to healthcare, always expanding how and where it is used. I love the freedom to experiment, develop new ways of working with the Map and wildly prototyping!"

Course Structure and Requirements

Applicants for this course will have already completed the foundational training 'Introduction to the Map of Meaning'

Outline of the 12 sessions of the Practitioner Training

Sessions 1 to 4

You will expand your understanding of and deepen your ability to work with all the dimensions of meaning.

  • the four pathways
  • the tensions
  • the dynamic between inspiration and the reality of self and circumstances

These dimensions form the core of our understanding of meaning and the foundation of our work with the Map.

“I have loved learning about what meaning means to me, as well as to others, and to bask in the feeling that there is a prescribed version of mastery that I have to emulate. The more human I am, the more I see and understand meaning for myself, the more I can be helpful to others.”

Sessions 5 to 6

You will develop your knowledge and skills in ongoing cycles of action and reflection on how to use the Map with another, and with groups. You will be skilled in adapting how you use the Map to meet the different needs, learning preferences and personalities in a wide range of contexts.

“I have enjoyed deepening my practice in a field where I can bring my whole-self and wisdom.”


There will be a short break between sessions 6 and 7.

During this break, you are invited to develop an assignment project which focuses on your area of expertise and interest and lets you develop your work with the Map of Meaning in a way that is important to you. This project offers a rich and personal learning opportunity and will form a core component of your portfolio for certification.

Sessions 7 to 10

You will focus on using the Map in an ever widening context, in the workplace, in different areas of society and human experience.

We will cover specific applications of the Map in organisational contexts and to wider societal issues.

The issues we cover will be adapted to the areas of interest of the participants.

“The Map of Meaning gives me a way to connect, human to human, with people in all walks of life and all levels in organisations.”

Sessions 11 and 12

You will focus on

  • how to introduce the Map into a range of contexts and to different audiences.
  • how to market the Map.
  • your ongoing development.
  • working with the Map of Meaning International Charitable Trust.

"This training offered both the rigour and structure of an evidence-based framework as well as the invitation and encouragement to be imaginative and inventive when it comes to working with the Map of Meaning. The assignment was an opportunity to experiment with ways of weaving the Map into my existing work, exploring how it met my values and ethical considerations as a practitioner. I really valued that it wasn't approached as a thought-experiment, there was space for practical doing and application. Learning from and with each other was enriching and has led to an active and supportive community that keeps inspiring me with new ideas and applications for working with the Map." - Conny Weyrich, Sensemaking Space, Australia

"It’s important to go slowly because this work is so profound and powerful.” - Kate Tunstall

Journey to Certification

Once you have built a solid portfolio of working with the Map, you can apply for certification. We will welcome you to the community of Certified Practitioners after submission of your portfolio and when you have passed a professional assessment conversation with the Board of Map of Meaning International. Certification must be applied for within 12 months of completing the Practitioner Training if you wish to have the cost included in the training fee.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Practitioner

Deepen your understanding of the dynamic nature of meaning & the principles of working with meaning.

Feel confident in your ability to work effectively with the Map of Meaning in a range of contexts including:

  • Designing processes and interventions to help others access more meaningful work and living
  • Applying the Map of Meaning one-to-one, in teams, groups, organisations, and on wider societal issues.
  • Using different techniques and modalities of working with the Map: creative, analytical and somatic.

Be part of the Map of Meaning Global Community of Certified Practitioners for:

  • Sharing learning and co-developing new applications
  • Accessing ongoing professional development, tools and resources
  • Receiving timely information on the latest research, publications, news and events in the field of Meaning and Meaningful Work

Benefit from the visibility and credibility of being a Map of Meaning Certified Practitioner globally and in your part of the world. Feature on our website in our directory of Certified Practitioners where prospective clients can find you.

What our Certified Practitioners say about working with the Map of Meaning

“Using the Map helped me be true to myself and stand up for what I believe in, when otherwise I would have feared doing so and not stepped up.”

“The Map of Meaning has allowed me to constantly grow as a person and then use that growth in the development of a deep basis from which to work. I no longer have to “client please” or endlessly network. I just have quiet confidence in my work with the Map.”

“The Map is an indispensable tool to keep us whole. It will save us from burnout; it will save us from cynicism. It’s totally non-judgemental. It's like a key that unlocks all that is important to us as human beings. As a consultant working in developed and developing countries this framework gives me a simple way to profoundly engage with people across cultures.”

Kerry McGovern, Public Sector Asset, Governance and Financial Management Specialist, Australia

“The Map of Meaning fits with a shift that has been happening in my life and work - moving from a belief that I could ‘change the world’ to a desire to make each moment and interaction count. So potential is now expressed and pursued moment to moment rather than out there in the future.”