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In 2024, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and Map of Meaning International will co-host a series of free webinars on HOW to cultivate (and avoid destroying!) meaningfulness in everyday organisational practices such as: performance reviews & career development, team & project management,  strategic planning & embedding sustainability.



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Watch this short video about the importance of meaning AND purpose

To be human is to search for meaning.
We provide practical knowledge and skills so that people can experience more meaning in their life and work.

Until now we have not had a way to clearly show what makes work and life meaningful. Now we do. The Map of Meaning mirrors our own deep knowing in one simple framework. It helps us take practical action towards more meaning in our life and work.

Map of Meaning, meaningful work and life

The Map of Meaning

Based on 20 years of research, the Map of Meaning brings into one simple framework the intrinsic drivers at the heart of meaningful work and a meaningful life.


Discover your Meaning

Discover Your Meaning

If you are looking to create more meaning in your life or work, we offer a range of easy ways for you to discover and use the Map of Meaning for yourself.


Meaning Professionals

Meaning Professionals

We provide training, professional development, resources, and certification for professionals who want to use the Map of Meaning with clients, or in their workplace.


Meaningful workplaces

Meaningful Workplaces

We offer workshops, keynotes, consulting, team and leadership development for workplaces and communities.


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What people say

Meaningful Living and Working

"We're not talking about the meaning of life, but about the meaning of your life, now, and it is something you can do something about, now!"

"Change involves disruption, the Map helps you keep adjusting while never losing connection with what matters most to you. It helps us have realistic hope."

"I had become overly task-oriented serving the organisation and others but had lost all unity with co-workers and it was even affecting relationships outside of work. Seeing it this way allows me to ground myself and take back personal control and try not to isolate myself but simply 'be with' others."

Employee Wellbeing Programs

"After participating in this session I believe now more than ever that positive well-being is very important. First of all, because it influences our feelings, our thoughts, and our existence and, secondly, our interaction with other people and the connection with ourselves." 
Programme Participant

Connecting people to an organisation's purpose 

"In a relaxed and peaceful environment, this workshop gave me a wonderful opportunity to look at the heart of my organisation and see where I could personally make a contribution to a deeper understanding of its spirit."
Senior Lecturer in Management at Australian Catholic University.

"The Map of Meaning helped us not just to hone our purpose, but also to show us the gaps between our actions and our intent, and to set the foundations for enabling us to live that purpose. The process was enlightening and fun; and it really brings together our being and our doing."
Dr. Peter D, Lead Partner Healthcare Centre UK.


"We have been applying aspects of the Map of Meaning here in classes in management and leadership at Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School over the last seven years. Students have found this frame an invaluable tool for orienting themselves in the face of what they see as an insurmountable range of paradoxes presented by our modern world. They ask themselves; how can I effect change ethically and meaningfully when my needs and those of the world, my values and the direction of society seem so at odds. Working with this frame has brought integration and empowerment, clarity and personal commitment to these students. It’s great to see it in its published form."
Director at Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School

"We used the Map of Meaning with a group of secondary school leavers as part of a Future Leaders program. They were able to connect to what their true motivations were, find their strengths and use this to make choices about their future education and write powerful 'personal statements' for their university applications."
Leadership Consultant- Future Considerations

Working through difficult team issues 

In an organisation where people expressed what was not working. The outcome was "People had been concerned that it was going to be a bitch session and instead it was tremendously positive." 
Dave Burton, Potential Development.

"The Trustees and senior leadership group from our special needs residential school used Map of Meaning to guide our awayday at a time when we faced a difficult choice over closing one unit. We greatly appreciated how, through the Map, a potentially fraught conversation changed into a decision that seemed almost to "make itself".
School Trustee, UK.

Organisational Strategy

"As you are aware the team is relatively new and your guidance using the Map of Meaning helped us develop a strong commitment to working together and leading our staff into the future. It allowed us to explore our differences and develop respect for each other. We used this to develop a terms of reference that will guide us to work together. This then allowed us to look positively into the future and develop a strong set of goals that will take us forward."
CEO, nonprofit  Tasmania.

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