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Team and organizational development coach. Lilian uses the Map to get to the essence of work and the impact you like to create with it.

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If you were ever part of a good team, you immediately know and feel what that means. The energy flows. Talents are being expressed. Clients feel heard and helped and colleagues are involved. Circumstances may not always be positive and day-to-day reality can sometimes intervene strongly, but good teams develop resilience and are able to work with the tensions that arise. If you can work like this, there are positive effects, for individuals and on the impact of the work itself.

I am convinced that meaningful work and what matters most lie at the heart of developing into a great team. And that starts with people. To support them to tap into their energy to do great things together and make real progress, that’s what I am passionate about.

I have experienced the joy of working in teams throughout my own career: while I was responsible for the mass media campaigns on HIV/Aids in the Netherlands; and when working as an independent consultant, for example, with people from Doctors without Borders while conducting campaigns in Moscow, Mongolia and Ukraine. I witnessed powerful teamwork while researching profit and non-profit organisations as Research Director at the Center for High Performance Organisations.  Nowadays I coach management teams and design and facilitate training on how to use the Map of Meaning.



BEd (Hogeschool Utrecht), MBA (University of Wales)