Working with Self

The Map of Meaning helps you to increase meaningfulness in your work and life. Use it to:

  • understand why you feel disconnected from your job.
  • recognise what is truly important to you.
  • reconnect with what inspires you, and make that part of every day.
  • speak confidently about what matters most to you.
  • make decisions that take all the meaningful dimensions of your life into account.
  • stand strong in yourself in any situation. 

Exercise for yourself

This exercise helps you understand the world of meaning in your own life and work. It may help you see meaningfulness in your life that you haven't noticed until now.

Take a copy of the Map of Meaning and ask yourself what you did, or experienced in your work, in the past day or two that felt most important to you.

Now, working around the four pathways, ask yourself:

  • when did I experience working well with others? (Unity with Others.)
  • what did I create that was uniquely mine? (Expressing Full Potential.)
  • what did I do that helped other people? (Service to Others.)
  • what did I realise about myself that felt important? (Integrity with Self.)

Write down your responses in the relevant pathway.

You may see one pathway where you feel at home, and another which feel less developed. Or you may understand recent events in a different way.

There are many more exercises that illuminate meaningfulness from a personal perspective in The Map of Meaningful Work. Have a look at our short courses and public workshops as well as our training offer to learn more. Please contact us.