Working One to One

The Map of Meaning is a valuable framework for working with colleagues, clients, friends and family. It is useful for coaches, mentors, counsellors, teachers, nurses, team leaders, managers and other professionals. It is also valuable for parents.

Use it to:

  • understand and solve issues of meaninglessness.
  • reach core issues easily.
  • share what matters most with colleagues, family and friends.
  • work through potential tensions with others.
  • co-create meaningful work.
  • work constructively with diversity.

Exercise for working one to one

Use this exercise with a colleague, client, partner or friend to help them clearly see if, and where, meaningfulness is absent, and then decide what to do about it. You can do it yourself at the same time.

Take a copy of the Map of Meaning and take turns to ask, what percentage of your time are you spending in each of the Four Pathways to Meaning? Write your answers on the Map.

Now take turns to talk about how you feel when you look at where your time goes. Identify the smallest change you can make that would restore your sense of meaningfulness, or increase it. List any practical actions you need to take.

There are many more exercises that illuminate meaningfulness in a one to one relationship in the book The Map of Meaningful Work. Alternatively we can run workshops for you that will help you to increase your ability to understand and create meaningful work and a meaningful life. Please contact us.