Working with Small Groups

You can use the Map of Meaning with teams, and small and large groups to:

  • understand and solve issues of meaninglessness.
  • share what matters most.
  • work through potential tensions.
  • align values.
  • co-create meaningful work.
  • work constructively with diversity.
  • build a workplace where human needs have a legitimate place.

Exercise for groups or teams

The Map of Meaning helps you co-create more meaningful workplaces with your team. This exercise helps people see existing practices in a more meaningful way, and also see where simple changes could increase meaningfulness.

Draw the Map of Meaning on a board. Discuss with your team how your work:

  • supports you having integrity with your self – for example talk about a recent challenge that made you look at how ethical you are.
  • allows you to experience unity with others – for example, does your office make time for coffee breaks?
  • serves others – what is the real difference your work makes and how you might keep that in your line of sight?
  • expresses your full potential – for example, is there a need to restructure team meetings so that everyone gets a chance to contribute?

Write everyone’s answers on the board, and then discuss where meaningfulness is supported in your organisation and where it could be more supportive. 

There are many more exercises that illuminate meaningfulness in a team or group in The Map of Meaningful Work. Alternatively we can run workshops for you that will help you to increase your ability to understand and create meaningful work. Please contact us.