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Co-founder and CEO Map of Meaning International Trust. Lead Trainer in applications of the Map of Meaning.

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Lani has over thirty years' experience as an independent organisational behaviour practitioner in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, and as a contract lecturer at universities and tertiary institutions. She has studied the human search for meaning all her life, through philosophy and comparative religion in her undergraduate degree and through independent study. The key focus of her work is to help people take responsibility for and reclaim power over themselves, their lives and their work. Her expertise includes: leadership, motivation, clear communication, innovation, creativity, meaningful work, and how these subjects intertwine. Since 2000 she has used the Map of Meaning to enrich and develop her areas of expertise in a wide range of social and organisational contexts. Her passion is to assist people to learn how to use the Map of Meaning. Lani is a Co-founder and CEO of the Map of Meaning International Trust, and co-author of The Map of Meaningful Work: A Practical Guide to Sustaining our Humanity.

Lani's qualifications include: BA, MBA, MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice.