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Dave Burton

Executive and Leadership Coach inspired by the vision of "Engaged People Doing Meaningful Work in Transformational Organisations.

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Dave has worked with the Map of Meaning in a range of organisations in New Zealand and internationally since its inception. He sees his role as being "A Catalyst and a Crucible"; he provides a safe space in which a person can reflect on their challenges, their beliefs, their emotions, and their inspiration and “wake up” to the reality of their situation. He then supports them, using the Map of Meaning,  to “face up” to what needs to change then make the useful changes so they can “show up” and be effective in their roles.

Dave has a relaxed, friendly style and creates a climate in which trust, respect and honesty prevail. He has a strong interest in people, their cultures and their development.


  • Map of Meaning International (Accredited Practitioner)
  • Business Mentors New Zealand (Member and Accredited provider)
  • Conscious Business Associates NZ (Accredited Coach and Facilitator)
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (Accreditation Pending)
  • Leaderskill Group (360 Facilitated Advanced Accreditation)
  • Lominger Leadership Architect (Accredited)
  • MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Tool (Accredited)


  • Business Mentors NZ
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Conscious Business Associates NZ