Using the Map

Our work takes you back to basics. Not simple basics, but the profound basics at the core of questions facing human beings.

Being human is not something that can be mechanised by the latest self-help or managerial technique. It cannot be picked up and dropped as convenient. Our human need to have meaningful lives can form an enduring part of our experience of work. It can be taken into account in decision-making, teamwork, relationship counselling, development practices, and in restructuring.

You can use the Map of Meaning for:

  • personal insight.
  • working one-to-one with clients, colleagues, or with family and friends.
  • working with small and large groups and teams.
  • thinking about a whole organisation.
  • conceptualising the purpose and design of business.
  • framing policy to do with human beings.
  • increasing your understanding and skill in creating meaningful work and meaningful work places.