Professional Development Session June 2023

The Importance of Integrating Learning when Working with the Map

Led by Wai Ying Tham 

The process of bringing different parts together to form a cohesive whole is referred to as integration. It is a crucial aspect of achieving a sense of safe closure and finalization in any process. Moreover, it enables continuous learning and insights to flow into one's life after the process. Unfortunately, integration is often overlooked as a means of building psychological safety and courage within a trustworthy container. 

Despite being an integrative framework, the MOM process still requires integration for optimal results. In this PD session, Wai Ying will discuss the various ways integration can happen in the MOM process. Her approach to integration is informed by over a decade of experience working with clients undergoing traumatic growth and transition in dyadic and group inquiry. Additionally, we will explore different integration scenarios with peer sharing. This presents an opportunity for attendees to share their unique approaches to ending or integrating sessions with their clients.


This Professional Development session is open to all people who have attended an Introduction. 

No charge for Certified Practitioners, US$20 for all not yet certified.

This is a 90 minute session


Tuesday 13th June


7.30pm   New Zealand

5.30pm   Australia Sydney

8.30am   London

9.30am   Amsterdam/Geneva

9.30am  South Africa Cape Town


Zoom Details provided by separate email closer to the session date.


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Reduced ticket price for MOM community members who are not earning

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Pay it Forward

$35.00 USD

Community members who would like to donate to others who cannot afford attendance

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Certified Practitioner


Zero fee for current Certified Practitioners