Online Introduction to the Map of Meaning - November 2023

  • 1 Nov 2023 (17:00 pm) to 22 Nov 2023 (17:00 pm)
  • (GMT+00:00) London
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"The question what's the meaning of life is too big to answer, but we can answer the question what's the meaning of my life today." Viktor Frankl

Based on years of empirical research in many countries, the Map of Meaning draws into one simple map the intrinsic drivers that lie at the heart of meaningful work and a meaningful life. It is new knowledge for humanity, essential to anyone wanting to make real and lasting change for themselves and others.

This course is for people who want to build more meaning into their life and work. It provides the foundational information for anyone who wants to develop their skills in using the Map of Meaning, and is the required course for the Practitioner Training. 

The course consists of 4 two-hour sessions over 4 weeks.

Dates and Times


Wednesdays, 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd November 2023

Start time of each 2-hour session:

5pm - London, UK

7pm - Cape Town, South Africa

1pm - New York, USA

10am - Los Angeles, USA

6am - Auckland, NZ (+1 day - Thursdays)

Session Format

Session One

Understand how the Map of Meaning is built from our experience of meaningfulness. Discover the dimensions that human beings agree make life and work meaningful. Learn how these dimensions allow us to understand why meaning comes and goes.

Session Two

Make the Map your own – how this universal framework relates to your experience. Understand how you share meaning with others and how you experience it in your own unique way.
Use the Map to uncover what truly guides you in life.

Session Three

Use the Map to look over your past, what got you to where you are?
Create a path forward.
Experience a walk through the Map uncovering the body’s knowing.

Session Four

Be aware of the research that underpins the Map of Meaning.
Distinguish between happiness, purpose and meaning.
Increase personal cohesion, authenticity, and resilience with the Map.
Discover what comes next for you with the Map of Meaning.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this course.


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Introduction to the Map of Meaning

$400.00 USD

Online introduction to the Map of Meaning. Four, 2-hour sessions over 4 Mondays in September/October 2023

$400.00 USD