Meaning Studio July 2023

  • Tuesday 11 July 2023
  • 17:00 pm - 19:00 pm
  • (GMT+10:00) Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
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Meaning Studio

is a monthly offer to meet online in a small group and work on our personal meaning practice.

It is based on the Open Studio idea as a space for creativity, inquiry, experimentation and connection.

This is a drop-in community offer – you don’t need to participate monthly, you can join every now and then, depending on the time & energy available to you.

Meaning Studio hopes to bring to life what Brené Brown articulated so well:

“We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.”

By working with our hands as part of our reflective meaning practice, we begin to weave meaning more deeply into our everyday life.

The Meaning Studio isn’t a fully facilitated session or step-by-step process. It’s more of a co-working space, for self-directed exploration of your meaning practice.

This could mean:

  • You engage in some reflective writing or journaling.
  • You create a collage based on the Map of Meaning.
  • You explore a specific dimension of the Map through imagery, writing, poems, quotes.
  • You conduct a self-guided embodied inquiry using the Map and capture your insights.
  • You might create a very personal meaning journal in which you work regularly.
  • You might engage in a reading and respond or reflect on it using the Map.

Each studio session follows this structure:

Welcome and check-in: each person will briefly share what they plan to do or work with in this session.
Cameras on, microphones off: we will each work on our meaning practice.
In the last 15min we will check in again on what we created, explored and learned.

The Meaning Studio is hosted by Certified Practitioner and Art-based Coach Conny Weyrich.

If you’re struggling to get started, Conny can provide some ideas or prompts, share about her own practice and is on hand to discuss materials or techniques. You can follow your curiosity, tailor your monthly practice to what’s going on in your life and get inspired by what others in the group are experimenting with.


Conny Weyrich is a Certified Practitioner and Trainer for the Introduction to the Map of Meaning. In her coaching practice Sensemaking Space, she offers arts-based and trauma-informed coaching informed by her Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice and experience in therapeutic and mental health settings. In addition, Conny is also a Certified Practitioner in the Map of Meaning© to support clients with work-related challenges and significant life transitions. She offers 1-on-1 coaching and loves running experiential group workshops.

As an arts-based coach, Conny is passionate about providing spaces where people can develop a personal creative practice and explore their creative process continuously. To support herself, personally and in her work as a coach, she also leans on her own creative and meaning-focused practice and Meaning Studio is an offer to bring the idea of an Open Studio into our online community. 

Who Could attend this workshop?

Anyone who has some knowledge of working with the Map of Meaning and wants to develop or strengthen their personal meaning practice.

You might have

  • Attended (or are attending) our professional trainings (Introduction or Practitioner Training).
  • Worked with one of our Certified Practitioners in 1-on-1 or group coaching.
  • Attended any of our public workshops or conference sessions.
  • You might have read the book ‘A Map of Meaningful Work’ by Marjo & Lani.

What to bring

Meaning Studio has been created to support you in developing a personal practice. Therefore, you’re invited to work with whatever materials light you up and interest you.

If you’re unsure where to start, the invitation is to bring a notebook, a copy of the Map, maybe some images from magazines or your own photos.

No need for any artistic skills or experience!


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Early Commitment Ticket

$25.00 USD

Available until 20 Jun 2023

$25.00 USD

Standard Ticket

$40.00 USD

$40.00 USD

Certified Practitioner

$30.00 USD

Reduced price for MOMI Certified Practitioners

$30.00 USD