In-person Introduction to the Map of Meaning, Brighton UK - December 2022

"The question what's the meaning of life is too big to answer, but we can answer the question what's the meaning of my life today." Viktor Frankl

Based over 20 years of empirical research in many countries, the Map of Meaning draws into one simple map the intrinsic drivers that lie at the heart of meaningful work and a meaningful life.

This is the foundational course for professionals who want to support themselves and others to create more meaning in their life, work and workplaces, develop their skills in using the Map of Meaning, and is the required course to proceed to the Map of Meaning Practitioner Training. 

  • Discover the dimensions of the Map of Meaning and their origins
  • Understand the essential, dynamic and experiential nature of meaning.
  • Practice experiential processes for understanding and creating meaning
  • Learn to ‘listen for meaning’ in self and others
  • Make the connections and distinctions between happiness, wellness, purpose and meaning.
  • Understand the guiding principles of working with meaning with others.
  • Review the underpinning research and origins of the Map of Meaning. 

Workshop Design

The design of this workshop is based on our core principle that to support others in discovering their own meaning, we first need to have experienced and understood the dynamics of meaning for ourself. This is an experiential workshop using creative and embodied practices to enable you to experience the Map of Meaning for yourself in your own life and/or work, and with another person 1:1.

Morning - you will deepen your own understanding of your sources of meaning and how to use this framework to create more meaning in your day-to-day.

Afternoon - we practice using the Map of Meaning with each other and hold a ‘case clinic’ to explore how the Map could be applied in your real client contexts.

Your trainer

Celine McKeown is a Board Director, UK Lead and Trainer at Map of Meaning International. Celine works with The Map of Meaning in team coaching, leadership development and building meaning-based organisations. 

Her unique meaning-based coaching approach brings together life and career coaching, positive psychology, somatic coaching, self-mastery practices and creative techniques. She is a qualified professional coach and Map of Meaning certified practitioner. She has over 20 years experience as coach, mentor, thought-partner and creative-ally to individuals, leaders and organisations who want to make a positive impact on the world through their life and work.

She created and hosts Meaning Makers - our successful 12-week meaning-based coaching program for people who want to create more meaning in their life and/or work.

She is also founder of Do What Matters offering coaching and consulting to people and organisations who make a difference in the world.

“I help people rethink their definitions of what success looks like in today's complex modern world, so that they can find their life's work and live a happier, wiser and more meaningful life.” Celine


Please buy a copy of The Map of Meaningful Work (2017), 2nd edition, as it underpins the learning in this workshop. You can purchase it here.  It would be useful but not necessary to have read the first few chapters of the book before you come to the Workshop.

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