A Map for Tough Times, July 2023

  • 4 Jul 2023 (17:00 pm) to 18 Jul 2023 (17:00 pm)
  • (GMT+10:00) Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
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A Map for Tough Times

This two-part experiential workshop offers an opportunity to design your personal resilience map for stressful or challenging times. It has been designed by Conny Weyrich, a Certified Practitioner and active member of our Map of Meaning community. Conny will facilitate all sessions and you can find out more about her expertise and background below.

Workshop outline:

This is a two-part experiential workshop consisting of two sessions: a 2-hour and a 90-min online session in a small group of max. 6 participants.

In-between the two online sessions, you will have time to digest and reflect on your resilience map as well as try some strategies in practice before we meet for a refinement and Q&A session.

Part 1: Designing your resilience map

A 2-hour online workshop in which you will learn about a resilience framework based on the Map of Meaning and begin to develop your personal map for tough times. Your map will be filled with strategies that have worked for you in the past.

You will anchor yourself in a past story of resilience, when you successfully navigated a challenging situation – Conny will facilitate an approach that helps you tell this story through the lens of meaning.

You will then combine your insights from your past story of overcoming a challenge with the resilience framework to expand your personal map – your map will be built on your strengths, personality, your personal circumstances, and strategies that resonate with you.

Part 2: Reflecting, clarifying and sharing

2 weeks later, we will meet again for a 90-min online session to share reflections on your resilience map and discuss what you have learned.

This session is also an opportunity to clarify any questions, refine your map and be inspired by others as well as held by the energy of a community as we support and witness each other.

This workshop will guide you in crafting your personal resilience map as something that feels doable, supportive and tailored to who you are and want to be.


Conny Weyrich is a Certified Practitioner and Trainer for the Introduction to the Map of Meaning. In her coaching practice Sensemaking Space, she offers arts-based and trauma-informed coaching informed by her Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice and experience in therapeutic and mental health settings. In addition, Conny is also a Certified Practitioner in the Map of Meaning© to support clients with work-related challenges and significant life transitions. She offers 1-on-1 coaching and loves running experiential group workshops.

Conny invests in continuous professional development in the areas of creativity, trauma, interpersonal neurobiology, and polyvagal theory as these fast-changing fields inform how we can achieve lasting change in emotional and behavioural patterns and connect with ourselves and the world around us. Given her previous career in the corporate sector, an area of interest are work-related challenges including healthy and effective communication and team dynamics, sustainable entrepreneurship, career transitions, resilience and stress management, preventing or recovering from burnout and exploring values and identity. 


What To Bring / Prepare:

  • Paper to write, best loose sheets that can be moved around.
  • Coloured markers/ textas or highlighter
  • Post-it notes
  • Optional: If you like the idea of a creating a map that has more than written words on it, feel free to bring images (photos or from magazines), objects or symbols (from around your house, from nature) that represent for you resilience, navigating and overcoming difficult times.

Target Audience:

Adults (18+) who are interested in resilience and deepening their self-knowledge to master life’s challenges and find the right balance of inner strength and accepting the support of others.

You don’t need to be familiar with the Map of Meaning to attend this session. The workshop is designed so that the Map will unfold as you’re working through the guided process.

Please note that this workshop is not suitable for anyone who is currently experiencing an acute life crisis and feels overwhelmed by the strong emotions that will naturally surface during such times. If you are unsure whether this workshop is likely to be helpful for you right now, you can book a free, no obligations Discovery Call with the facilitator Conny Weyrich using this link.

During this 20 min conversation Conny will clarify the nature of this workshop and how it might support you. If we agree that this particular workshop isn’t appropriate for you right now, Conny can suggest alternatives, which could include working through this process in individual coaching sessions tailored to your current experience.

Dates and Times:

This is a two part workshop

Part 1:  Tuesday 4 July, 5 - 7pm AEST

Part 2:  Tuesday 18 July, 5 - 6.30pm AEST

Please check the time conversion for where you will be connecting from.

Zoom Details provided by separate email closer to the session date.


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