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2023 Imagined – Through Landscapes and Stories

This is a hands-on session, inviting you envisage and imagine a meaningful 2023.

In this 2-hour online workshop, we’ll be working with writing and image prompts to spark our intentions for the new year and begin to imagine what might be possible. We’ll weave the Map of Meaning into our visioning and use it as a framework to consolidate our ideas and hopes for 2023.

You don’t need to be a writer or have a regular journaling practice to get something out of this session. You only need to be curious about what the images we’ll share evoke in you and write this down. You can use stream-of-consciousness writing, make a list, use bullet points, write a mini story...

You also don’t need to be familiar with the Map of Meaning as a framework. We will share an introduction to this powerful and practical tool. If you’re new to the Map, this session is a great way to find out a little bit about it.

Facilitator: Conny Weyrich, Certified Practitioner, arts-based and trauma-informed coach at Sensemaking Space.

Links/ Contact details: w: www.sensemakingspace.com IG: @sensemakingspace

What to bring / prepare:

  • Bring your favourite pen or writing tool, writing by hand is encouraged!
  • You’ll need a few sheets of paper, or you can choose to write in your journal if you have one.
  • You’ll also need a larger sheet of paper (A4 or ideally A3, or you can tape 2 A4 sheets together)
  • You might want to use small post-it notes – but these are entirely optional!

This is a two hour session

Tuesday 10th January 2023


7am   London

8am   Amsterdam/Geneva

11am Oman

8pm   New Zealand

6pm   Australia Sydney

5pm   Australia Brisbane

Zoom Details provided by separate email closer to the session date.

(You might have noticed that we offer two sessions that sound similar, one in December to look back and one in January to look ahead. While we will use a similar process, each session works with different imagery and has a different focus of looking back versus looking forward. They work beautifully together, and just as well on their own if you only can or want to come to one of them.)


Ticket typePrice (USD)Quantity
Early BirdEarly Bird Rate available until 20 December 2022Available until 20 Dec 2022$45.00 ex GST
Regular Ticket PriceRegular Ticket PriceAvailable until 10 Jan 2023$60.00 ex GST
Certified PractitionerAvailable until 10 Jan 2023$30.00 ex GST

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